May 31, 2023

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How to choose a holster for your low-profile needs |

You must possess certain tools in your gun kit if you are a responsible gun owner. The Holster is the second most crucial element, after the firearm itself. Many people believe that the importance of holsters is limited to having a place to store their gun. When you look at the many benefits holsters can provide, you realise why it is important to get the right holster. You should consider the importance of holsters in your gear kit for these five reasons.

1. Disguisement

The issue of concealment is among the most important benefits of holsters. Unless you live in a state where you can openly carry, this won’t be of great importance to you. However, if you carry as a concealed weapon owner, it is vital. A holster is your best choice if you want your firearm with you but out of view. As long as you wear a jacket over a shoulder holster or an inner waistband holster, you can conceal the weapon in a concealed carry state without having to worry about repercussions.

2. Ease of access

Additionally, holstering your firearm makes it easier to access it when you need it. Should a situation arise where you need to pull your firearm, having it close to your body is far more effective than having it in your car gear bag. When you use a holster, you ensure your safety and that of those around you stays as close as possible for maximum convenience in case of emergency.

3. Prevents firearms from being stolen

The potential outcome of a firearm falling into the wrong hands is well known. In order to prevent tragedies from occurring, you should always wear a holster, as it keeps the firearm hidden on your person. As all responsible gun owners understand the importance of keeping their guns safe, holsters are the most effective way to ensure they remain secure while they are out of the locked gearbox or bag where they normally keep them.

4. Reduce loading requirements

Furthermore, holsters will reduce the amount of time you need to spend loading your firearm. Some people keep their weapons near them in a purse or gear bag with the ammunition removed so they can reload them as necessary. Since a holster keeps your firearm securely placed on your body, you can keep it loaded and save time.

5. Feeling comfortable

Another reason holsters are necessities is that they are comfortable. Some rebels carry their guns in their pockets (depending on the size) or in their waistbands without holsters, but this is not the most comfortable method. When you carry your firearm with a holster, you receive an option that is specifically designed to house your weapon so that you can carry it comfortably.

Is a chest holster or a thigh holster more effective for soldiers?

Is a chest holster or thigh holster more effective for soldiers?

I tried both approaches in Afghanistan, but neither worked for me.

In addition to my M4 rifle, I carried a Beretta M9 (9mm). If I mounted the pistol on my chest, it got in the way of my rifle slung over my body armour in front.

The thigh holster proved to be much simpler to use in the end. My left thigh was burned because I’m a left-handed shooter. Doing anything but a light walk caused the pistol to bounce around on my thigh, and my left cargo pocket would not be accessible.

Furthermore, I went on frequent patrols in the small Afghan villages of Ghazni, and at one point I was shot at while crawling low. My pistol would have been caked in dirt if I had it mounted on my chest (as opposed to on my thigh).

Therefore, efficiency had nothing to do with it. Keeping it clean and out of the dirt were important, as well as being able to draw it easily.