Whenever we talk about self-driving a car, we all have one important concern, driving safe. There are some people, who might believe that no one else can be more responsible for us than ourselves. There are also who think that it is best and safe to leave the work of driving a car to a trained driver, the professionals. Both views are correct in a way. 

The underlying agenda behind both the school of thoughts remains surprisingly the same. Both viewpoints hold safety as its prime focus. The latter viewpoint is supported by the fact that professional drivers will be well trained and will be aware of all the road rules, safety norms etc and will be more efficient due to their experience. 

While the former view is based on the fact that we are driving our own car, we will be utmost careful and responsible. This is why I believe that everyone should know and should drive his or her own car. 

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Self-driven cars or cars driven by a professional driver, what is the main cause of driving accidents? 

When we are so much careful about ourselves, when we so carefully choose to self-drive or be driven around by a professional driver, keeping the safely as a priority, did you ever think why does road accidents occur? 

The answer is very direct and simple. It all happens due to that one moment of undue and unexpected distraction that happens to a person behind the steering wheel. This seems like a very negligible or an unacceptable reason for so many accidents. However, it is the fact. Sometimes the smallest of the mistakes, at wrong times can have the hugest impact. 

What are the causes of distraction while driving? 

Did you know that in the recent times, our mobile phones are the number one reason for a momentary distraction while driving? Anyhow, a mobile phone is not the only thing that distracts a driver. If that is the case, there should not have been any road accidents before the mobiles were invented right. We all know that never used to be the case. 

These are the other causes of a distracted driving: 

  • Talking to your co passenger 
  • Admiring/grooming yourself on the car mirrors. 
  • Listening to music, especially if it’s too loud or using headphones 
  • Not knowing how to use some features of the car and the car control buttons. 
  • Driving while you are mildly drunk. 
  • Trying to multitask while driving, including eating or even drinking water. 

These reasons for distractions might even surprise some of you. However, it is always important to keep such kind of activities at bay and avoid driving directions at any cost. After all, it is about our previous lives.