September 27, 2022

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What Can You Use a Roof Rack For?

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Roof racks are often seen as an essential for people with SUVs, 4x4s, and crossovers, and it is no coincidence that people who own cars such as these also might have a taste for adventure. Roof racks are an excellent vehicle accompaniment for many reasons, though you might be surprised to learn that they can be used for much more than you think.

This piece is going to take a look at what you can use a roof rack for and how much versatility you could enjoy if you did decide to take the plunge and purchase one.

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One of the best uses of a roof rack is for extra storage space. There is only so much room in a vehicle, and the beauty of a rack is that it can expand that space for you.
Equally, if you are going on a holiday road trip and you want to bring items and souvenirs home, such as alcohol, clothes, or other important finds, having a roof rack will give you that extra space to fill up your suitcases with goodies for when you are home.

Awning and Tents

If you are a lover of the great outdoors and love camping, then did you know a roof rack can double up as the base for a tent or awning? This is a great little trick for those who love a home away from home. It is a bit more comfortable to sleep in your car than it can be on the floor, and awnings are excellent for when you need a break from driving or being inside, but you need adequate shelter from the weather. 

If you have a Toyota Tacoma, then check out these roof racks for Tacomas so you can transform your car into a home away from home.


Another common reason that people use roof racks is to take their bicycles on adventures. Roof racks are a great way to take your bikes away on holiday, for far away bike tracks, or for cycling adventures without you having to dismantle your bike and take up space in your vehicle. You can just secure them to the roof and go!
That being said, make sure to get a high-quality rack that is reliable to ensure that it keeps your bikes on your car safely, and follow the directions to make sure they are securely attached every time. 

Surf and Body Boards 

If you love to get out on the waves, there is a good chance you might also like to get yourself a roof rack, as the two go hand in hand. Having a roof rack means you will be able to take your boards wherever the mood takes you securely on your car. It is not like you can fold them up to go in your trunk, so having that freedom could just get you out on the water more and into new places to explore. 

There you have it, uses for a roof rack you might not have considered before.