June 3, 2023

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Watch An Electric BMW X6 Do The Rivian Tank Turn

As you can see in a movie shared by the company, the check was incredibly thriving. For the duration of wintertime testing in Sweden, the driver managed to spin the electric BMW X6 on the location numerous situations. No doubt the diminished traction on the snowy area helped – we would not advise hoping this on asphalt until you want to demolish your tires. Also, Rivian shown the R1T’s tank-turning means in slippery mud.

To help the electric BMW X6 execute the tank turns, Elaphe Propulsion mounted 4 Elaphe L1500 gearless electric motors to each and every wheel. In total, this set up provides a combined 590 horsepower, and an remarkable 4,425 lb-ft of torque. Wow!