May 31, 2023

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Toyota already hard at it designing a spectrum of future EVs

EV drivetrain technological innovation will also impact Toyota layouts.

Vehicles in the bZ sequence, for occasion, get a better and much more upright stance. That is simply because they will trip on present day lithium ion batteries, which demand a good deal of area and increase the floorboards.

But Toyota is now self-assured it will crack reliable-point out batteries. For the reason that individuals are lighter and far more compact, they will open new prospects — in particular for Lexus, the place driving dynamics will be paramount.

Tomorrow’s Lexus designs will function an ultralow centre of gravity and other effectiveness-boosting tweaks, these types of as sheet steel methods that improve downforce or increase aerodynamics.

The poster boy or girl for that new Lexus appear is the BEV Activity, a low-slung piece of eye candy that is encouraged by the LFA, the $375,000 Lexus tremendous sports activities vehicle discontinued in 2012 right after a manufacturing run of just 500. Lexus envisions the EV reincarnation as offering a 700-kilometer (435-mile) array and belly-churning -to-60 mph time in the small two-second variety. But its proportions and performance will likely be enabled by the compact packaging of stable-condition batteries.

On stage in December, the BEV Activity was joined by a few other Lexus designs, which include the future RZ, a much larger SUV and a sedan. But in different teaser shots, Lexus also depicted what appears like a convertible coupe and two wagon-fashion offerings evoking the Porsche Panamera.

Lexus style will be informed by Toyoda’s directive to reshape the brand close to motorsports.

“It really is not about lip provider to the racing circuit,” Humphries reported. “It is really about approaching the way the vehicle architecture is intended from a motorsports perspective.

“The useful features of that follow by means of into layout. Aerodynamics, downforce, all those difficulties with higher-efficiency automobiles are not concealed they are embraced,” he explained.

The multipronged tactic Toyota envisions for EVs mirrors its all round powertrain strategy. Even as it prepares to provide 3.5 million full electrical autos, it nevertheless plans to offer millions much more hybrids and hydrogen autos on the highway to carbon neutrality as the automaker tries to satisfy its significantly-flung international shopper base.

“It is a diversified marketplace that we are dealing with,” Toyoda mentioned at the December function. “For that reason, as we are in an uncharted period with tons of uncertainty about the foreseeable future, we want to take a diversified technique. That is why we have worked really hard to preserve our full lineup.”