Toyota has a pretty nice arrangement with BMW right now. The two automakers partnered together to build a sports car with Toyota getting a coupe version, and BMW getting a convertible. As part of the agreement, the Toyota Supra will never be offered as a convertible and the BMW Z4 will never be offered as a coupe (sorry Z4 M Coupe fans). But what about a shooting brake?

A classic shooting brake is a two-door car with a wagon-style rear end (think of the Ferrari GTC4Lusso or the old BMW Z3 M Coupe). While we highly doubt BMW or Toyota would ever venture into this segment, rendering artists have imagined what such a creation could look like. Even though the BMW seems like the more likely candidate for a shooting brake version (because BMW has done it before), a rendering artist called Sugar Chow has imagined what a Supra Wagon might look like.