May 31, 2023

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These Brand New Toyota 2000GTs Will Get 2JZ Engines

Though Rocky assures its 3000GT will be a driver’s car or truck, it will appear fitted with a four-pace computerized transmission which will produce energy to the rear wheels. Halting energy is offered by a established of front and rear brake disks.

Back again in 1967, Toyota experienced to take away the roof of the 2000GT for James Bond: You Only Live Twice so that Sean Connery could match in the cabin. At 6.two ft tall, he was just a little bit way too lofty to climb into the hardtop model. In spite of the group developing a breathtaking layout, this open up-prime model was in no way brought to generation. Rocky, however, suggests that upon request, they can use this physique type to its reproduction, developing a Toyota equivalent to the hanging Eagle Spyder GT E-Style.

Rates start out at the equivalent of around $200,000, earning this much more powerful but a great deal cheaper than an first 2000GT.