Interestingly, a press-button start out is not obtainable on the foundation model. We assumed this technological innovation had arrived at a place where it’s now as affordable as fundamental Abs, which is why suppliers normally incorporate it as common.

But the foundation model employs an old-fashioned essential with buttons to open and close the doors. And get this: To start out the automobile, you have to place the essential into the ignition and convert it. How old faculty is that? In all seriousness, press-button start out buttons are now so commonplace that bodily keys bring in focus when they cross your route. We suspected it was a cost issue, but The Push did a additional thorough investigation adhering to the new start.

If you get a nearer look at the Corolla Cross, you can see the other cost-reducing measures. The foundation model has fundamental halogen headlights, a fundamental black grille, no engine protect, and seventeen-inch steelies with silver handles.