June 6, 2023

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The Best Fabric Options You Should Know for Your Outdoor Furniture Covers

Covers For Outdoor Furniture – The Best Fabrics To Choose From

The outdoor furniture covers will play a significant role in the longevity of your patio furniture items. They will not only help you extend the lifespan of the furniture items but also allow you to maintain the proper appearance of the furniture. 

As more people prefer spending quality time in their backyard, the demand for outdoor furniture items and covers is on the rise. However, the effectiveness of the outdoor furniture covers is dependent on the build quality and the fabrics. If you choose the wrong fabrics for the covers, they won’t be able to keep your outdoor furniture items safe from the weather conditions and the outdoor elements. Choosing the perfect fabric for your outdoor furniture covers might be a time-consuming and daunting task due to the availability. 

Remember that your outdoor furniture items will be exposed to different materials such as sunlight, UV rays, rain, wind, dust, pollen, debris, etc. These elements are extremely capable of damaging your furniture items. You need to remind of these factors while choosing the perfect fabric for your outdoor furniture covers. Here are the best fabrics you should know about. 


Acrylic is one of the best fabrics that can resist the growth of mildew and mold. When you purchase an acrylic outdoor table coveryou don’t need to worry about tearing and wearing as they are tear and wear-resistant. 

The threads of acrylic are dyed before the woven. This is why the colors, designs, and patterns of your acrylic table covers won’t fade or get damaged even when exposed to direct sunlight. Additionally, the acrylic outdoor furniture covers can protect your outdoor furniture items from exposure to UV rays due to their UV-resistant properties. 

If your climate condition is prone to rain, you need to choose acrylic outdoor furniture covers. The softness of the wool won’t hold moisture. Additionally, the fabric will remain cool during the hot summer days. 


This is another famous fabric option for outdoor furniture covers. Olefin, also known as polypropylene, is one of the most famous synthetic fibers available on the market. Since the manufacturers use various dye-sublimation processes to dye the color of an olefin into the yarn, they are extremely resistant to fading and staining. Despite the harshness of the sunlight, the colors and graphics of the olefin outdoor furniture covers won’t be damaged. As per Revolution Fabrics, olefin is durable

Olefin is also a great fiber choice if you live in a rainy area. The fabric can dry quickly and withstand mold. Additionally, the cleaning and maintenance process of olefin is extremely easy. Any household bleach will help you clean the olefin outdoor furniture covers effectively. 


This should be your last fabric choice for the outdoor furniture covers. Not because acrylic and olefin have diminished the popularity of polyester outdoor furniture covers, but the polyester cannot help you protect your furniture effectively. Even though this synthetic material is water-resistant and durable, they come with a relatively lower lifespan. As tear-resistant, if you take proper care of your polyester outdoor furniture covers, they won’t last for more than 2 years. Not to mention, polyester outdoor furniture covers can neither withstand direct sunlight nor UV rays. 


These are the top 3 fabrics you can consider for your outdoor furniture covers. Make sure you visit our website if you want high-quality outdoor furniture covers.