You know all about the Suzuki Jimny, and odds are, you really like it. The plucky minor off-roader is outside of well known in marketplaces outdoors North America, so much so that presently, you simply cannot even purchase a new one. That indicates folks on the lookout for a square SUV are pressured to plunk down significantly a lot more hard cash for a Mercedes G-Class. This Brabus-tuned product seems to be a little bit diverse though. Hey, wait a darned moment below!

This flashy white Brabus-badged SUV is not what it seems, in a lot more methods than one. For starters, it is actually a Suzuki Jimny and if the two-doorway configuration didn’t suggestion you off ideal away, Supercar Blondie stepping out and standing degree with the roof should’ve been the clincher. The well known YouTuber slipped behind the wheel of this not-a-Jimny Jimny in Dubai, wherever she experienced event to line it up subsequent to a real G-Class for comparison. Thing is, this Jimny is not a real Brabus, either.

The origin of this quite convincing system package is not acknowledged, but the video describes that Brabus does not modify Suzukis. That stated, the element in this fake Brabus conversion is incredible. The clip usually takes us as a result of the Jimny’s transformation and almost each and every part on the exterior is a useless ringer for the beefy Brabus 800. The Jimny even wears marginally misleading biturbo V8 and 800 badges irrespective of acquiring its inventory 1.5-liter engine beneath the hood. Certainly, horsepower is not even shut to 800, but evidently the group behind this phony Brabus will set up a turbo enhance to give the Jimny 200 hp.

We’ve noticed a good deal of Jimny system kits that mimic the glance of the much much larger G-Class, but we’ve in no way noticed a Brabus clone carried out up in these kinds of element. The interior gets a makeover far too, though the Jimny structure for the sprint however stays intact. Truthfully, catching it at a glance on the highway we can effortlessly see anyone mistaking it for the real deal.

The concern stays though – is this a great customized Jimny or a poseurmobile taken far too considerably? Allow us know your views, readers.