June 1, 2023

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Red Bull F1 adviser proposed infecting team drivers with coronavirus

Red Bull Racing adviser and previous racing driver Helmut Marko pushed for a “Corona Camp” to infect (and hence inoculate) drivers as the group waited out downtime stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. 

Marko prepared to collect all of Red Bull Racing’s System 1 and junior series drivers (close to 15 personnel) alongside one another to assurance get hold of. With the health issues out of the way, he proposed, the group would then have been completely ready to deal with the remainder of F1’s truncated year without the need of anxiety of an infection-associated troubles. 

How accurately the team would have been exposed to the virus to begin with was not detailed in the report.

Marko explained the notion to Austrian Tv station ORF as “… a camp wherever we could bridge this mentally and bodily relatively useless time. And that would be the perfect time for the an infection to appear,” Motorsport.com stories.

“These are all sturdy youthful adult men in seriously very good wellness. That way they would be ready every time the motion starts. And you can be completely ready for what will possibly be a incredibly difficult championship at the time it starts,” Marko continued.

The proposal, which had all the hallmarks of a chickenpox participate in day, was nixed by Red Bull, for reasons which possibly do not will need to be stated.

“Let us put it this way: it has not been nicely acquired,” Marko stated.

F1 is at the moment functioning a virtual year, making it possible for drivers (and supporters) to contend on line in digitized replicas of earth Grand Prix circuits. The initial race was held March 22 much more are expected to be included to the calendar, coinciding with each and every canceled true-daily life race. 

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