What is an online classified ad?

An online classified ad is a small impressive ad placed in classified-ad websites to grab the attention of the desired visitor. It is a short-term ad that enables good response within a very short period. Classifieds are low-cost ads and deliver high value for price. For example: an individual can place the ad of used bike to get the right customer for it.

Advantages of Online Classified ads

o Internet users are used to spend some time on quality classified websites to find something useful and worthwhile. There are millions of Internet users, either working online or searching for something concrete. Therefore, classifieds are advertised in abundance.

o Online ads are very useful in short-term responses. A classified is advertised for small period of time and that too in a short space, still it is easily searched by the visitor within the time specified for that classified.

o Classified ads offer value for money. Even small individuals can place their ad on online classified websites. This is so because these ads are cheap and even free at some websites. The advertisers fetch right value for their money and get good returns.

More and more people are advertising their used bikes, cars and mobiles on classified-ad sites to get maximum returns.

o Online classifieds are good source of used-products at good prices. Say a used-bike or a used-car is easily available at such sites. Even used-mobiles are advertised for user-reference.

o No place for middle-man makes the deal best for both purchaser and the seller. The deal is devoid of any middleman so it is an honest deal between the two people. The middleman tries to manipulate the results which are not possible through a deal through classified advertisement.

o Retail stores can advertise their new schemes or promotional campaigns to woo the visitors towards that store and get desired clientele for good return on investment. Stores also advertise their seasonal sales on online classified sections to get good response.

o Classified-ads are easy to design and better placed for the target internet visitors. The overwhelming response derived from online classified ad enables these classified ad sites to grow more and advertize to create good returns for the particular classified.