You have probably hardly ever listened to about the Nissan 1400. It was a small truck that was created by the Japanese automaker among 1971 and 2008 in South Africa. For our East European visitors – certainly, it does seem a small like a Moskvich 412 with a cargo mattress, but the two were not relevant. The 1400 pickup was regarded as the most thriving truck in Africa and was nicknamed “Winner of Africa.” It was hardly ever intended to be remarkable and performance-oriented, although.

A person Nissan 1400 owner from South Africa was probably not satisfied with the way the truck looked and performed on the street, and resolved to modify it in a unique way. And what this male made is definitely excellent – all hand-designed to an exceptional craftsmanship top quality. Just wait until you hear the juicy details.

It took Stephan Fouche at Mad Pet Racing about seven hundred hours of get the job done to create this truck designed mostly for keep track of use. It attributes a stripped-out exterior and a naturally aspirated Honda motorcycle motor revving to extra than 12,000 rpm. The revvy motor may not have huge output quantities but the truck is very light at just around one,455 lbs (660 kilograms), which makes it rapid and nimble.

The video clip at the major of this web page, courtesy of, details the amazing task with a Honda CBR one.-liter motor. The motor is probably not even the finest element of this develop as the inboard suspension structure is actually genius. The Frankenstein truck rides on Porsche wheels which give it a relatively particular seem.

As the host of the video clip points out, the car feels very light and enjoyment to drive on a keep track of. And with its excellent seem and screaming motorcycle sound, it is also a sight to behold.