June 1, 2023

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Meet The VinFast President: A BMW X5 Powered By A GM V8

The outputs are similar to people of the Chevrolet Tahoe which is equipped with the exact same six.2L V8. In the President, the V8 is paired with whole-time four-wheel drive and an eight-pace computerized transmission. It’s going to hit sixty two mph in six.8 seconds, so it is just not quite as swift as the authentic V8-run BMW X5 it is centered on.

Whilst the powerful BMW SUV profile is visible, the President has been comprehensively restyled so most would not discover the BMW link, which is a excellent factor. The exact same goes for the cabin – of course, the condition of the steering wheel is pure BMW X5 and the gear shift lever seems acquainted, also, but a great deal of energy has gone into supplying the President its have persona.