September 29, 2022

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Market First or Conformance First

The market place for electric cars (EVs) is expanding as buyer demand for additional sustainable transportation drives subsequent gen-mobility ahead. As the EV market place evolves, a host of new challenges arise in tests and certifying the conformity of these complex criteria.

In this panel discussion, automotive gurus from DEKRA, CharIN and Keysight Technologies discuss how to meet the new challenges for the automotive and homologation process, as well as methods for conference market place calls for and evolving electric motor vehicle offer tools and EV criteria.

Download the panel discussion to get an overview of:

  • The most crucial EV criteria for carmakers and their point out of readiness to meet these criteria.
  • How to keep regulatory criteria for engineering when building EVs.
  • Future techniques for blocking EVs from being stranded in front of charging stations.


Markus Haller, Editor at WEKA FACHMEDIEN


Conquer Kreuter, Vice President Organization Line Product Protection Screening at DEKRA

Claas Bracklo, Chairman of the Board of the Modifying Interface Initiative (CharIN)

Dr Christian Miesner, Automotive Disrict Manager EMEA at Keysight Technologies

Marvin Kroeger, Organization Advancement Manager at Keysight Technologies