Vossen has frequently been environment the benchmark in the personalized wheel marketplace. Found in Miami, Florida, the enterprise is one particular of the few all over the world, able of producing forged wheels 100 percent in-dwelling. 1 of its hottest patterns suited for SUVs and pickup vehicles has been exhibited by a lowered Ford F-a hundred and fifty. 

We’ll permit you decide on whether you like the seem of a lowered pickup truck, but the new Vossen hoops undoubtedly give the long and reduced F-a hundred and fifty a exceptional aesthetic. It’s not frequently you see a manufacturer new illustration with skinny sidewalls and massive wheels, flat to the tarmac. It’s giving us significant NASCAR truck-series vibes and we are fully alright with it.

It would seem a little bit out of location sitting down on pit highway at Daytona but would be a shoo-in if Ford could operate its F-a hundred and fifty as a rate truck. We’d enterprise to guess the automaker would favor the warm version of the F-a hundred and fifty, the Shelby SuperSnake as the rate truck relatively than the bone-inventory product. 

The new SUV- and pickup-distinctive wheel is dubbed the HF6-three, and it will be bought in 20-inch, 22-inch, and 24-inch diameters. The fresh hoops will also be readily available in 5 regular and nine personalized finishes. The beginning price for the HF6-three is $599 for every wheel.

While the wheels that Vossen develop are beautiful to seem at, there is much more to them than meets the eye. Along with looking good, Vossen wheels are personalized to match correctly to the autos they are built for. 

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