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Lordstown Motors Endurance race truck hits the dirt in reveal video

A few of months in the past, Lordstown Motors gave us a glimpse at the...

A few of months in the past, Lordstown Motors gave us a glimpse at the racing version of the Stamina pickup truck with a rendering. Now we get to see the true matter in a reveal video clip. Not only that, it is shown roaming in the desert. That’s a very good matter, due to the fact its initial race is this weekend.

The business has not given any specifics still about what has been accomplished to the truck for racing functions. We can tell that it has a beefed up suspension, even though, with new springs, shocks and what appears to be to be a new and almost certainly more robust steering set up. It also seems to have new regulate arms that are almost certainly more robust and offer extra suspension travel. And of program the inside is caged, bumper defense extra and major off-road tires on racing wheels equipped. The four hub motors nevertheless feel to be about, even though, as you can see the orange superior-voltage cables attached inside the wheels.

The truck will enter its initial race, the San Felipe 250, on Saturday, April seventeen. It will be the initial electric car or truck to enter the Mexican off-road race. We’re curious to see how it does, particularly due to the fact the Endurance’s inventory range isn’t rather huge ample to make the entire distance, so some recharging or some other alternative will be required.

Associated video clip: