June 1, 2023

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Long-Door Jetta Coupe Is Really Freaking Us Out Right Now

What started off out as a joke turned out to become a Reddit sensation – this Volkswagen Jetta has been modified into a two-doorway coupe, but not in a delicious or civilized way as you normally see her in Motor1.

Girls and gents, satisfy this extended-doorway Jetta, carried out by Harry’s Auto Restoration & Maintenance in Wyoming, Michigan. Now, in advance of you elevate your pitchforks in protest versus this atrocity, allow it be recognized that this isn’t really actually what this motor vehicle is intended to be.

Here is a video to fulfill your curiosity:


Try to remember the Koenigsegg Gemera? This motor vehicle is sort of reminds us of that. It has two extended doorways, useful, an seat 4 (or five, actually) but it truly is in no way as glamorous as the Swedish loved ones-welcoming hypercar. And it truly is fairly unique, far too, in every feeling of that term.

We spoke with Harold Bloomer, the proprietor of the restoration and maintenance shop where this Jetta coupe hails, and he stated that this Jetta was purchased at Copart for $200. Apparently, the initial intention was to slice off the top and convert it into a truck – not that a person makes it sound any improved.

Immediately after twenty minutes and as a result of the use of a observed blade, the B-pillar has been slice off the overall body and in the end changing the Jetta into a two-doorway coupe. Consider our reduction when he stated that it truly is actually just a joke simply because with those people B-pillar slice off, visualize how the structural integrity and rigidity of the motor vehicle have been afflicted.

Do not get discouraged by this build, nevertheless. Harry’s Auto Restoration and Maintenance isn’t really actually about generating strange customizations. Based mostly on critiques on his Fb site, it seems like the shop is accomplishing a fantastic job, in particular with Volkswagens and Audis.