Lingenfelter and Chevrolet have an intensive heritage together, and it isn’t halting whenever before long. Ken Lingenfelter tweeted images of a 2020 Corvette C8 Stingray dressed-up in the tuner’s revered Continental Tire livery, hinting that the business is acquiring aftermarket parts. Details about the auto, the company’s show rig it’ll choose on tour any time these situations are feasible, are scarce.

We know Lingenfelter usually reserves the Continental livery for its optimum-performing offerings, so we’re curious what updates the business has built to the powertrain. From the manufacturing facility, the Corvette Stingray arrives with GM’s six.2-liter LT2 V8 developing 490 horsepower 364 kilowatts) and 465 pound-toes (623 Newton-meters) of torque. Whatsoever modifications Lingenfelter built need to result in a significant enhance in electrical power, if the tuner could crack GM’s demanding cybersecurity features protecting the Ecu.

There’ve been reports that GM’s far more stringent safety features will make it tricky for tuners to modify the Corvette’s code. Inject some thing the laptop doesn’t acknowledge, and it places the auto into a restoration manner. You will have to have the car’s original code to rectify the challenge.

At the stop of last year, GM mentioned it did not want to depart its performance consumers out to dry, however the business was adamant that safety, specifically for a present day-working day automobile, was vital, too. The Corvette works by using GM’s new electrical architecture which is designed for autonomous and electric powered vehicles. Nonetheless, it mentioned it was exploring “next methods in the calibration place.”

With summer coming to a near, outside auto situations are probable living on borrowed time, so we’re not absolutely sure when Lingenfelter will commence demonstrating off its Corvette show rig. If it’s like the tuner’s other creations, we expect there’ll be quite a few updates sooner or later built offered for the Corvette from Lingenfelter. No code is uncrackable, and tuners did come across approaches to bypass the safety features of the C7, but the C8’s program is a great deal far more difficult. We’ll have to see how Lingenfelter modified its auto.