May 31, 2023

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Lamborghini Countach, Ferrari 512M and more immortalized as Lego sets

Lego has declared a slew of new Velocity Champions sets, the ones centered on real certified cars and trucks, for 2022. The most recent batch contains a smorgasbord of supercars, from beloved classics like the Lamborghini Countach to but-to-be-unveiled promises like the extensive-awaited Mercedes-AMG A person. There are seven cars in whole, launched in 5 sets. 

Our favourite is likely the 262-piece Lamborghini Countach, based on a later on LP500 variant. Not only does it tick the box of a childhood desire device, but the angular condition of the real-lifetime Countach lends itself properly to remaining recreated in Lego bricks. Also, it’s modeled in white fairly than the common purple.

We also genuinely dig the Ferrari 512M. It marked the very last of Ferrari’s V12 endurance racers, and even however it was soundly spanked by the Porsche 917, the cars are undeniably lovely. The 291-piece Lego set does a fantastic occupation of capturing its brutal wedge silhouette in brick variety.

Rounding out the one-automobile sets is the 247-piece Lotus Evija. The electric powered Lotus has a bit of a generic supercar glimpse about it, but that is not totally the fault of the Lego package. Its spectacular vents can’t genuinely be replicated with the restricted “resolution” of the Lego bricks. Its rear, with unique taillight-encircled air tunnels, is a bit additional exclusive.

In addition to the solitary motor vehicle sets, there are two more substantial sets of two automobiles each and every. Just one is a 592-piece Aston Martin-themed pack that contains the Valkyrie AMR Pro and Vantage GT3. Once more, it really is a bit difficult to sculpt the cars’ curvaceous strains out of straight-edged bricks, but the hard work is admirable. The Valkyrie is probably the much more prosperous of the two, as the Vantage would resemble a Corvette or Viper if it failed to have stickers to make clear the facts.

Previous but not the very least is a twofer comprised of 564 bricks to develop the Mercedes-AMG One and 7-time Components 1 globe winner Lewis Hamilton’s W12 racer. In Lego’s official products description the driver is not talked about by identify, but the range 44 provides it absent. The model of the Just one certainly appears to be like a sharp supercar, but the blocky pieces will not particularly replicate the lines we’ve found on camouflaged take a look at mules. The F1 automobile design seems a bit additional like the real issue, complete with the Petronas livery that graces Hamilton’s steed.

Lego has been carrying out a terrific job of immortalizing supercars and classics in brick type in their Speed Champions lineup. Previous yr noticed kits of the McLaren Elva, Koenigsegg Jesko, Toyota GR Supra, Chevrolet Corvette, as very well as the Ford GT and Bronco. Their additional in depth Technics line has seen cars like the Ford Raptor, Volkswagen Camper Van and BMW M1000RR bike. 

Whilst the kits glance entertaining, we wouldn’t brain if they didn’t skew so greatly in direction of unobtainably pricey, constrained-manufacturing autos. What kid would not want a package of their parents’ Chrysler Pacifica, a Ford Transit Connect to replicate a city scene, or a Mazda Miata for some clear, trustworthy enjoyment? The solitary-auto sets will retail for $19.99, the two-packs for $39.99. All five sets are scheduled for a March 2022 launch.

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