June 1, 2023

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Junkyard Gem: 1973 Mercedes-Benz 280C W114 Coupe

Motor vehicle buyers looking for a slick-on the lookout-yet-wise luxury coupe in 1973 had a good deal of selections from the Motor Metropolis, including the Pontiac LeMans, the Mercury Montego GT, and the Plymouth Satellite. Price tag tags on those machines begun at $2,920, $2,926, and $2,765, respectively (that is about $seventeen,760, $seventeen,800, and $sixteen,800 in 2020 dollars). Nonetheless, if that 1973 auto shopper was willing to pay back for serious develop high quality in a coupe that would keep alongside one another for a long time, there was but one preference: Mercedes-Benz. A new W114 280C begun at $nine,994 (about $sixty,800 in 2020) that 12 months, and it was worthy of it. Here’s a gray-current market 1973 Mercedes-Benz 280C that took forty seven decades to arrive at the conclude of its profession, found in a Northern California lawn previous winter season.

California, specifically Southern California, had such negative air air pollution heading into the 1980s that the state instituted a draconian emissions-screening program starting in the early portion of that ten years. Ultimately, standards became so strict that homeowners of Europe-purchased gray-current market cars who introduced them across the Atlantic prior to the smog-look at era had to get distinctive dispensations from the state Bureau of Automotive repair in get to register their cars. This 280C has a 1994 sticker to permit inspectors know that the German-current market Solex 4-barrel carburetor is satisfactory tools. Later on, cars of 1975 and more mature product decades became exempt from this full system in California, but 1966 and more recent automobiles had to be checked for manufacturing facility emissions tools in 1994. If you had an aftermarket carburetor or the heat stove was lacking from your exhaust manifold, you unsuccessful.

The American-current market version of the 2.eight-liter DOHC straight-6 built 130 horsepower, but this one must be the 158-horse German version.

Mainly because this is a luxury auto for the American current market, it arrived with a 4-speed computerized transmission.

The leather-based inside appears to be like dirty but nevertheless reasonably intact.

Nonetheless, the exterior reveals a good deal of top-down, California-type rust and proof of copious quantities of overall body filler. Neat as this auto is, it wouldn’t have been worthy of restoring when you can obtain relatively strong W114 coupes for considerably much less than the expense of the overall body and paint work on a auto like this one.

It appears that this auto sat exterior for decades right before coming below.

This auto is the ancestor of the modern-day E-Course, and I nevertheless see rather a couple like it in California auto graveyards. 

Whilst it was smaller and much less powerful than most of its Detroit opponents in 1973, the W114 coupe gave far more decades of reliable services for each greenback invested.

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