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Inside story on CASE – Q&A with Yanfeng

World megatrends these types of as connectivity, autonomous driving, shared mobility and electrification (Situation) are...

World megatrends these types of as connectivity, autonomous driving, shared mobility and electrification (Situation) are switching the experience of the automobile market. With people today established to spend fewer time driving, automobiles will as a substitute grow to be residing areas. The resulting adjustments to car or truck interior style and design will be the most profound in many years. The pandemic also highlights just how significant car or truck hygiene is for the entire mobility market. Continuing our collection of tier a person element provider interviews, we caught up with Han Hendriks, Main Technologies Officer for Yanfeng Technologies to get his vision of the form of things to come.

As the automotive market shifts toward increased concentrations of driver autonomy, what are the alternatives for Yanfeng?

We see excellent alternatives for our company and our business. To make our Smart Cabin vision a reality, we set up our global Yanfeng Technologies (YFT) unit two yrs back consolidating all our engineering and new product or service development activities with a particular aim on sustainability and the seamless integration of electronics and basic safety engineering into Yanfeng’s items and programs. This even contains a Smart Cabin Controller to orchestrate all functions and functions into new mobility encounters that are safer, a lot more relaxed, a lot more entertaining and linked.

As increased concentrations of driver autonomy grow to be reality, the onboard car or truck expertise will carry on to shift away from driving as the primary endeavor toward other activities these types of as performing, soothing, or socialising. Our XiM20 notion automobile shown some of Yanfeng’s thoughts about these new choices, and how our portfolio of interior, seating, electronics, basic safety, and exterior items can aid provide them to reality. Irrespective of whether for travellers of the foreseeable future or for currently, Yanfeng continues to study conclude-user desires to develop items and systems that generate a better daily life on board.

To what extent do you see a lot more use of touchscreens in the foreseeable future? Or do you see a lot more gesture, eye movement or some thing else?

Touch screens will continue being a important interaction modality of automobiles as they enable very simple interaction and are well known and recognized by consumers. Users are currently relaxed with voice-primarily based interaction as well as gesture handle as a result of assistants in smartphones and at house as a result of gaming programs. Eye managed user interfaces clearly show an additional chance for remote-managed user interfaces, very same as voice and gesture handle.

It would seem like virtually everything is now linked to everything else together with the automobiles. What is your vision of the linked automobile?

Linked automobiles supply a extensive wide variety of alternatives and programs for consumers, OEMs, Tier 1s and 3rd Get-togethers. We see amplified driver guidance, conversation and on-board expert services and usually present-day via OTA updates as important developments enhancing the interior expertise of the foreseeable future.

At Yanfeng we build on our core items and actual physical functions and digital intelligence, to greatly enhance the specific user expertise as well as among occupants and the car or truck by itself. In this context digitalisation is the biggest challenge – but also the path to adjust.

Merging our interior surfaces with digital functions into good surfaces is exciting to consider about. But then the next phase would be to leverage facts to supply personalized expert services to a client.

What does it mean to us to leverage big facts, generate a service setting up on our actual physical items and leveraging a digital eco-program that delivers genuine value to the conclude-user? In the foreseeable future, we will increasingly combine digital expert services into our factors e.g. wellness functions or convenience functions these types of as seats that quickly adjust to your heart fee. One thing our company is checking out in China, for example, is an application for a rideshare automobile that offers the client the selection of a seat therapeutic massage for the duration of the experience. A possible business product is to offer the base seat to the automaker but to give away the therapeutic massage perform and as a substitute, just take a percentage for every use, as a fee. In other text, our company is promoting a service, as well as a product or service, with all the attendant problems, these types of as who is liable for the application or for the performance of the seat.

Could you convey to us a little a lot more about your touchFC and the notable highlights?

To aid hold the interior clear, the new flooring console notion “touchFC” contains UV sanitising and air ionising programs as well as next degree air venting engineering. Our company has put together innovative kinematics and good surfaces to generate an even safer and a lot more productive human-car or truck interaction, the place the main aim is on intuitive handle aspects. A special emphasize of the flooring console is an electrical storage box with an integrated UV sanitising program. On the rear aspect of the flooring console, simply obtainable for travellers on the 2nd row, is an electrically lockable storage box with UV sanitisation. Objects which are saved within this are sanitised once the box has been shut. The air vent previously mentioned the storage box is equipped with an integrated ionisation generator which removes dust, microbes, and viruses from the air. The two the air vent and storage are operated by controls that are integrated into the flooring console.
Not so extended back, automobile interior lighting consisted of central and aspect headliner lights, complemented by lower-degree ambient lighting situated mostly in the cockpit location. What is your assessment of the stage of progress with ambient lighting?

Inside lighting is getting to be dynamic, useful, intelligent, and switching from location and linear to entire surfaces integrated into ornamental elements that can even be personalised. To observe these traits, we need to blend electronics with ornamental models to offer you the finest and seamlessly integrated alternatives. Inside integration is our important toughness to differentiate us from common lighting opponents.

I guess that the motivation for interior lighting goes further than aesthetics it can also impact driver concentration and eye tiredness. How do you see it assisting there?

Distinctive colors, intensity and rhythm of light can also be used to aid battle driver tiredness and manage his awareness.

But lighting can also be used to aim the driver’s awareness on driving predicaments. For example: Warning of perilous predicaments by combining screen, light and audio as a multimodal HMI notion.

Ambient light can also be tailored to diverse driving modes: minimalistic and driving targeted in activity mode to greatly enhance entrance aim. In a brighter and clearer way for a performing mode in autonomous driving predicaments or also with flashing pink light to show the changeover situation from driving mode to autonomous self-driving a person.

The value of wellness and wellness has come into sharp aim in the latest months. Consumer systems these types of as conditioning trackers have been popular for some time, checking our heart costs, performance and rest, but how may possibly the renewed aim on wellness translate to the automotive area and what job can interior lighting perform?

With our holistic Smart Cabin vision, our purpose is to make you truly feel better, much healthier and a lot more calm for the duration of your time put in in our interiors. Air-purification, fragrances, lighting effects, audio and seat convenience functions like heating, cooling and therapeutic massage all performing jointly with the support of sensors and our Smart Cabin controller will make this possible. Precisely, we consider that interior lighting will carry on to get value in the foreseeable future and add to the differentiation of the interior. Also, programs these types of as sunlight-like ambient light can support wellness. Organic LED lights can impact positively the temper and awareness of the driver and travellers.

In autonomous automobiles or in the rear seats, it is possible to generate a light cocoon with a quiet and soothing light clearly show for a submit-function detox for the duration of the commute. We showcased a foreseeable future situation in the rear zone of our XiM20 cabin that offers occupants a way to retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily daily life and generate a truly feel-good environment. The area mimics the cozy environment of a cabin, with a smooth fabric encompassing and engineering integrations made to complement passengers’ moods and choices. In the XiM20, the good surfaces swap among 4 diverse modes, based on the situation. For example, there is a blue Power mode and a violet/orange Unwind mode. When the UV surface area sanitiser is activated, the surface area shows blue bubbles. In standby mode, the surfaces continue to be white.

Do you see the pandemic leading to a extended term drop in demand from customers for shared mobility? Or do you see it as just a speed bump?

Applying the Chinese current market as an indicator – with strict lockdowns at the start off of the pandemic and now largely a return to typical daily life, together with all modes of transportation – it would seem that the drop in shared mobility is/was just a speed bump in its development. As a proof stage, Didi ridership revenue essentially amplified 10% in 2020 from 2019. In the center of the pandemic, they nonetheless noticed growth year-more than-year.

The only lasting consequence would seem to be increased client awareness about possible contagions in the car or truck interior (no matter whether shared or owned). Most people today do care a ton about the cleanliness of their possess or shared automobiles, and people today care about a healthier, and pleasing interior of the cabin when beginning their journeys. Technologies that boost wellness and wellness had been currently a trending subject matter ahead of the pandemic fashioned our “new typical.”

Now, people today are even a lot more worried about hygiene in their automobiles.

This is the purpose why Yanfeng accelerated development of an aftermarket UV sanitiser for the Chinese current market past year. Identical to UV sanitisers in the clinical market, this gadget sterilises a greater part of microbes right as a result of UV exposure, making sure a cleaner and safer onboard expertise.

But it would seem to be that also individuals in Germany are nonetheless fascinated in working with shared mobility expert services. In accordance to a the latest review performed by the intercontinental facts evaluation company YouGov, just more than a third of Germans (36 for every cent) could think about working with self-driving automobiles as cabs, although 28 for every cent would also take into account working with them as section of a sharing service.

The past twelve months have been a quite unforgettable period of time for everyone and for all sorts of reasons. In your business, what stands out as the biggest challenges you confronted?

Yanfeng managed productiveness and fulfilled shipping and delivery requires in the course of the pandemic. From an operational standpoint idling generation is a challenge, but restarting is an even a lot more challenging endeavor due to the fact our global offer chain is so complicated, and the COVID pandemic has by no means stopped.

Like other firms, the biggest challenge although we worked remotely, has been how to manage the very same degree of collaboration and facts trade. We relied a ton a lot more on digital equipment to hold teams successful. This has offered added benefits, these types of as bigger inclusion of global teams who now have a possibility to join conferences virtually. However, the speed and synergy of collaborations, creativeness and brainstorming in human being and experience-to-experience in bigger groups is some thing that our teams miss out on, and we glance forward to beginning these activities yet again in the extremely near foreseeable future.

What did you learn that you did not anticipate to learn?

If you had questioned me two yrs back if it was possible to carry on our function, virtually ‘as usual’ with all our workforce performing from house all more than the earth, I would have said that it definitely isn’t possible. Now I know better. Last year was as opposed to any other – and our teams globally shown overall flexibility, resilience, perseverance and continued to produce outstanding final results.

Even with the roadblocks the pandemic presented, the global Yanfeng team has stayed on keep track of to satisfy or exceed our important business commitments and consumer expectations. Our teams collaborated well globally and thoroughly leveraged all digital equipment. Absolutely, a lot of of the innovative business procedures applied by our teams for the duration of the pandemic will carry on to profit Yanfeng for yrs to come.

The COVID disaster and resulting instability also motivate OEM prospects to count on global suppliers they can belief. Our prospects value our security, our extended-term vision and our ability to produce regardless of the difficult atmosphere.