September 27, 2022

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Hyundai Ioniq 5 review, test drive

The ‘born electric’ Ioniq 5 is Hyundai’s following bet for India. Hormazd Sorabjee drives a slice of the future.

There are electric powered vehicles and there are electric powered vehicles. And they aren’t all the very same. There is the Hyundai Kona EV and there’s the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and they aren’t the very same possibly. If you set your hand on the badge, you would not consider they the two belong to the very same mum or dad. In truth, you would not even consider they share an electric powered powertrain! The Kona EV was built at first with an IC engine and that’s why appears to be like like just one more petrol (or diesel) SUV. What provides you a little clue that it is not one particular is the blanked-out grille and all the EV information and information that pops up on the exhibit screens when you begin the automobile. But there’s no finding away from the Kona’s IC engine roots, which is obvious in the general stance and shape. That’s genuine of a lot of other EVs in the Indian sector, which include the bestselling Nexon EV.

So, what’s an EV meant to search like? Properly, radically different and futuristic, for starters EVs are the future, after all. And offering us a great search at the future is the Ioniq 5, which you can right away explain to is no regular automobile. That’s since the Ioniq 5 is ‘born electric powered,’ a time period that is really much a aspect of the EV lexicon these times and stands for just what it implies – vehicles that have been conceived to be driven purely by battery electric power and hardly ever with a traditional Interior Combustion (IC) engine.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 side

Styling is futuristic, nevertheless reminiscent of ’80s hatchbacks.

The Ioniq 5 is Hyundai’s first ‘born electric’ EV, a new breed that is cost-free from the packaging and structure constraints of a lump of a transmission and driveline less than the ground, an even greater lump of an engine less than the nose, and a gasoline tank less than the rear seat. It is developed on a bespoke system, or ‘skateboard’, that’s been optimised for price, area efficiency and, of program, electrification. And this skateboard is the Hyundai Group’s E-GMP (Electric powered World Modular System) developed close to a battery pack, electric powered motors and allied components, with more than enough overall flexibility to spawn a extensive range of body models.

The Ioniq 5 will be the first of 6 all-new EVs that Hyundai will bring to India in the following five a long time. Slated for a mid-2022 start, the Ioniq 5 will lead the Korean auto major’s ‘top-down’ tactic into India. Even so, the Ioniq 5 won’t be low-priced. It will be introduced as an import, and even though it is an EV, it won’t get any customs responsibility concessions. We estimate the Ioniq 5 to price between Rs forty five lakh-sixty lakh, based on the battery dimension and general specs, which are nevertheless to be decided.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 C-pillar

C-pillar encouraged by Lancia Delta?

On the lookout Ahead

For a automobile that doesn’t have to be built close to the rigid placement of an engine and gearbox, the Ioniq 5, at first look, appears to be like quite traditional, just about disappointingly so. Gape at it a bit more time and the one of a kind structure blend of this bespoke EV begins to soak by way of. The angular proportions give it the silhouette of a eighties hatch and the C-pillar has a touch of the Lancia Delta in it, but it is the futuristic facts that get your interest. The body is replete with ultra-sharp cuts and creases, and the emphasize is the Z-formed slash on the flanks, which has a folded-paper effect. Flush doorway handles, the clamshell bonnet and 20-inch alloy wheels that search like they’ve been built in a wind tunnel search really futuristic, but it is the substantial-tech LED matrix gentle clusters that are its most impressive element. The lights have a pixel topic that is carried during the automobile, and the rear, in specific, has a entire-width matrix strip with a collection of sci-fi looking sq. pixel lights. The coolest bit is the Daytime Managing Lamp gentle bar on the top edge of the entrance bumper, which you really don’t see until it is illuminated. The Ioniq 5’s one of a kind lights signature is what definitely can make it stand out and displays the globe what the future of motoring appears to be like like.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 dashboard

Dashboard a trim panel with screens attached onto it. Challenging buttons not done away with nevertheless.


The extremely long three,000mm wheelbase and limited overhangs are also clues that the Ioniq 5 is not a traditional crossover. Stretching the wheelbase as much as doable is a top precedence when developing a ‘born electric’ automobile on a skateboard since it is in the wheelbase that the battery pack is put. For this reason, a more time wheelbase usually means a greater battery, which in transform usually means a more time range. Elongating the wheelbase has other benefits too – it frees up more area in the cabin and provides designers more home to participate in with.


Hyundai Ioniq 5 screens

Two twelve.three-inch screens sharp and quick to read through.

This is quickly evident the second you slide into the Ioniq 5’s cabin. Guiding the wheel, it is more like an business seat than a cockpit since the traditional centre console has been done away with. This frees up area forward of the entrance seats which would otherwise have been taken up by the air-con blower unit, which has been moved to less than the bonnet, where by an engine typically sits. This relocation of the HVAC procedure is doable only in a ‘born electric’ EV and is a great example of the packaging added benefits this bespoke architecture offers. With no centre console, the entrance seats can be moved ahead to launch more area in the rear. Not surprisingly, the rear seat is exceptionally generous, with more than more than enough home even for 6-footers, and the entirely flat ground can make sitting 3 abreast pretty effortless too. The flat ground has other benefits as effectively. It enables the console between the entrance seats to slide a great 140mm. So if you need a bit more legroom for the middle passenger behind, you can slide it ahead. But, if those people behind want quick obtain to the pair of charging details behind the console, it can be slid again.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 front seats

The missing traditional centre console frees up area forward of the entrance seats.

There are also, even so, cons of the E-GMP, which have more to do with the slab of lithium sitting less than the ground. The battery pack pushes the ground up and forces you to sit in a a little knees-up placement. It is not awkward but on long drives you will pass u
p a absence of less than-thigh support. The seats themselves are quite slim but you really don’t truly feel a absence of cushioning, and the gentle, eco-friendly fabrics that adorn the relaxation of the seats have a minimalist enchantment to them, which is in holding with the car’s ‘save-the-world’ ethos.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 rear seats

There is loads of home in the rear and flat ground can make seating 3 quick.

The dashboard is a easy and pancake-trim panel with a pair of twelve.three-inch screens sitting on the top and a separate touch delicate command panel for the air-con housed down below. The touchscreens are tremendous sharp, quick to read through even in broad daylight and give you all the information you need. They are a touch gradual to react but a tweak in software ought to type them out. The outer edge of the touchscreen panel is magnetic so you can connect toll tickets, parking receipts or pics of your spouse, your favorite automobile (not a Kona EV, then!) or whichever you like.

On A Cost

The Ioniq 5 will come with a alternative of two battery packs. The foundation product gets a 54kWh pack that’s great for 383km in the formal examination cycle, while a 72kWh battery stretches range to a claimed 481km. The E-GMP has a superfast 800V charging ability which, technically, can totally demand the battery in eighteen minutes! But, in India, where by most chargers have a 25kW or 50kW output at ideal, it will be a whilst before the Ioniq 5’s quickly-charging ability can be employed to the fullest.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 rear

Impressively swift, with 306hp, and it disguises its pounds quite effectively.

There are numerous electric power outputs as effectively the foundation variant places out 170hp and is rear-wheel-drive only. It is possible that Hyundai will bring the top-spec variant that provides a more energetic 306hp and is a 4×4 as effectively with two motors (one particular for each and every axle). It is this top-spec variant I briefly drove and, expectedly, it was impressively swift straight off the bat. We expect EVs to dart ahead the immediate you prod the accelerator and the Ioniq 5 does just that, like a rabbit prodded with an electric powered rod. It disguises its two,100kg kerb pounds relatively effectively, be it in the way it accelerates or handles. Heading from to 100kph in a claimed 5.2sec can make it a lot quicker than just about anything else for the revenue, and the effortless and noiseless way this automobile lunges ahead is an added reward. Like most EVs, the Ioniq too runs out of volts at the top conclude, and past 130kph, general performance drops off quite sharply. It is quickly and effortless for most overtaking obligations and a flex of the proper foot is satisfied with a gratifying lunge to the horizon, but what’s also evident is that the Ioniq 5 is not a sporty, general performance automobile and in truth feels quite the opposite.

The battery pack ties it down properly and the steering is swift and exact, but the general dynamics won’t tempt you to search for out a twisty street or toss the automobile into a corner. What you get is an unbelievably plush trip, a really relaxed and hushed driving working experience, which, together with the roomy cabin, marks the Ioniq out as probably the most comfy EV you can acquire. Yes, it will be high priced, but what you are obtaining is a piece of the future and proper now, there’s no automobile as far forward into the future as the Ioniq 5.