In the deep and dark winter months, there is a unique set of challenges that Land Rover owners face. This car is perfect for taking on the tough challenges that the coldest time of the year can bring, but you need to make sure it’s ready, or you could risk the health of your car. Find out how to protect your Land Rover in the winter months, and how easy it can be to have a vehicle that works perfectly for you.

Start with a car cover

The first part of looking after your Land Rover is by using a car cover. Land Rover covers are used to place a protective layer over your car, guarding them against any rain that can hammer down in the worst of the UK’s weather. The underbody securing straps are also a perfect tool to protect against the whipping winds, holding your cover in place. Water getting into your car can be a real threat, so by stopping direct contact with snow, hail and rain you effectively protect the internals of your Land Rover and keep the bodywork looking great.

Complete a service

An annual car service is one of the most important tools any driver has against the weather. We all complete our MOTs to ensure that our vehicle is in a drivable condition, but to make the most of your car you need to have a Land Rover in the best condition possible. A car service covers everything from wheel alignment to the health of your engine, providing you with stellar performance throughout the winter months. You significantly cut the chance of suffering a breakdown, and have the chance to use preventative measures to stop your car from damaging itself if one of the internal systems has an issue you’d otherwise miss.

Think tyres

The performance of your car can entirely come down to its tyres. By checking up on your tyres before going into the winter months, you know that your pressures are right and you have plenty of tread to grip on the slippery surfaces that icy roads provide. If you have the budget for it, you could even consider trying specific winter tyres. These have a specifically high rubber content, perfect for better handling and shorter braking distances. New sets of tyres can come at a cost, but it’s more than worth it to keep you and your vehicle safe.