June 1, 2023

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Hot Gadgets You Need for Your Car

The Coolest Car Gadgets to Soup Up Your Current Ride | PCMag

8 Upgrades You Should Get to Further Trick Out Your Ride

Sometimes a car doesn’t have all the features that you want. This is a very common problem with older model vehicles made around or before 2012. Vehicles have advanced significantly over the past decade, so it’s no surprise that many drivers are picking up their gadgets à la carte to keep their vehicle current.

If you feel that your vehicle is missing something, you may benefit from our top eight list of hot gadgets to add to your vehicle.

#1 – An Aftermarket Car Stereo

If the factory stereo that originally came with your vehicle is failing to live up to your expectations, you may benefit from an aftermarket car stereo upgrade. Not only will this give you better sound quality and more power, but aftermarket car stereos have new features such as Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to seamlessly pair your smartphone to your stereo so that you can stream your favorite playlists.

#2 – Aftermarket Speakers and Subs

If you’re installing an aftermarket car stereo, then you might as well install aftermarket speakers and subs as well. “Why?” you may ask. Because an aftermarket car stereo produces a signal that is far too powerful for your factory speakers to keep up with. You’ll never be able to enjoy the full benefit of your new stereo unless you get aftermarket speakers and subwoofers that can handle the increased wattage.

#3 – Remote Start

Ever dread going out to your car on a cold, wintery day because you know you’re going to be stepping into what feels like an igloo? With remote start, you can remotely start your car so that it can begin the process of thawing out. No need to worry about anyone coming by and driving off with your vehicle. Remote start ensures that your vehicle stays securely locked up until you come out with your car keys. Pro tip: many new cars for sale in Houston come with this feature.

#4 – Security System

Vehicle theft is always a concern, but especially with older vehicles that lack modern security features. Do yourself a favor and invest in a car security system. Many of them issue a warning chirp to those who are getting suspiciously close to the vehicle. This discourages any potential thieves in the area that might be caseing your car, thereby keeping your car and your belongings safe. Of course, should they break in, they will set off the car security system’s alarm, which is sure to draw attention.

#5 – Backup Camera

Backup cameras are one of the top selling features for older model cars. That’s because they make parallel parking and backing into the driveway simple and easy. With a backup camera installed, the sensors of the vehicle will let you know if your bumper is getting too close to obstructions and other objects. A first-person point of view from your vehicle’s bumper will be clearly displayed via the backup camera’s video display.

#6 – Dash Cam

As the name implies, a dash cam is a recording device that is firmly affixed to your dash. These come in handy if you are ever in a car accident and need video footage to establish who was at fault. Dash cams can also be turned around to record the interior of the cabin, which is something that rideshare drivers can use when dealing with rowdy passengers who may be behaving poorly. 

#7 – Car Navigation

Although you can get by using your smartphone for car navigation, nothing beats the expansive display and user experience of a professional car navigation system. Additionally, a car navigation system ensures that you can still use your phone (safely, of course) while traveling on the road. For instance, if a call comes in, you can take it via speakerphone and keep your car navigation going uninterrupted.

#8 – Cigarette Lighter USB Adapter

A cigarette lighter USB adapter is perhaps one of the most popular small car gadgets purchased for older model vehicles. For around $20 or less, you can get an adapter that will provide you with two USB ports in your vehicle. This is perfect for when you and a friend are on the road and need to keep your phones charged.

How to Kick Off Your Car Gadget Search

Finding any of these gadgets should be easy. For gadgets that require installation, such as aftermarket stereos or speakers, you’ll want to check in with your local car audio shop. For everything else, you should easily be able to locate it on sites such as Amazon or car gadget retail sites. Make sure to read reviews to get an idea of the quality of the product you’re about to buy.