June 1, 2023

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Honda Origins retraces the lifetime of business founder Soichiro Honda by means of an animated sequence combining Japanese-model manga cartoon drawings, audio and historic images. The audio-visual journey from the beginnings of Honda by means of to its achievements and legacy, with 6 episodes each and every lasting between ten and 20 minutes, is out there to view now by using the link https://international.honda/heritage/HondaOriginsLibrary.html


Honda tells its tale in the distinctive and legendary model of Japanese comic guides. The sequence works by using the initial manga comic “Honda Soichiro Hon Den”, published by Shogakukan Inc., to interweave the founder’s lifetime and distinctive philosophy on lifetime and business with the evolution of the business from its origins to the environment-famed multinational that it is nowadays.



A tale to pass on from technology to technology

The to start with episode of the sequence, “Bouncing Back”, tells how Soichiro Honda arrived by means of the Next Globe War (1939–1945), to found the Honda Specialized Investigate Institute in 1946 in the city of Hamamatsu, launching his journey with a generator motor connected to a bicycle. This enterprise, jointly with Takeo Fujisawa, grew to become the Honda Motor Business two many years later on in 1948.

The other chapters (A Desire is Born Crisis on the Way to the Isle of Man Declaration American Advance Veni, Vidi, Vici: We Detest to Drop) portray keys moments of his lifetime and values, and the history of the business, making unique reference to Honda’s determination to bikes, cars and racing. One particular of the most significant values highlighted in the sequence is perseverance and finding out from failure this is embodied by a quotation from Soichiro Honda that defines the spirit of the business: “Success signifies the 1% of your work which outcomes from the 99% that is known as failure”.


The past chapter in the sequence (Epilogue) recounts the firm’s beginnings as a multinational by means of its growth in the United States, and ends soon later on with the joint retirement of Honda’s two founders on the similar day.


This entertaining sequence is also out there to view in English as very well as in its initial Japanese edition on Honda’s YouTube channel at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/view?v=JVENopKz3M0, giving even more on the internet content to occupy our minds at residence, in the remarkable problem we locate ourselves in.




Manga©Shogakukan  Illustration by Shinji Hikino, Unique tale by Jinpachi Mouri