February 8, 2023

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Free Traffic System Review: Free Link Building Service

Welcome to my Free Traffic System Review, an article about a fabulous and free online opportunity to boost the number of backlinks to your web pages and therefore the amount of traffic and leads you can get.

So what exactly is this Free Traffic System?

Free Traffic System is based on the idea that your articles deserve better internet exposure so the creators thought about this unique concept of getting quality backlinks for free.

How is that possible?

The system incorporates a huge number of blogs on the most various topics possible and it automatically submits each article of yours to 30 of them.

There is indeed a free version and a paid one but what is so great about this service is that the free version gives you substantial help on your SEO campaigns and helps you get your articles to more websites than other services charge for!

I will focus on the free version because I think it’s the best choice, at least in the beginning.

If you’ve been doing some article marketing, then chances are that you’ve already become familiar with the notion of spinning your articles. To make the most of one article, you create variations of it and submit them to as many article directories as possible.

The better you spin your article, the more unique it is going to look to the various search engines and you can get all over the place on the Google first page with just one well-written and spun article.

The real challenge though is to have your articles submitted to article directories because it takes a lot of your time to do it right, so if you don’t get any help it will become frustrating and you will eventually give up.

Free Traffic System is designed to help you with this issue and, as the name says, it’s free!

And the smart part is that it doesn’t send all the articles out at once, so there’s no risk of getting penalized for spam.

Another thing that is profitable for everyone is that you can add your own blog on the Free Traffic System network and receive 7% extra backlinks for each website you add.

There is also a very stimulating affiliate program which allows you to get an extra backlink for each of your first and second tier partners so you can get a huge number of backlinks without doing anything but recommending Free Traffic System.

The pro membership subscription is $47 monthly or a one time payment of $497, it gets your every article published to 50 blogs and offers several times more backlinks (up to 900 for each article!).

I highly recommend you start with the free version and see how it works.

Article marketing is a must for increasing your website’s search engine page rank. This is due to the fact that search engines look for specific keywords and determine sites’ relevance to them, and a good article is packed with just the right amount of keywords.

I hope that through my Free Traffic System Review I will help internet marketers like yourself increase traffic to their websites. It’s as simple as it gets!