May 31, 2023

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First 500 Integra Customers Will Receive A Unique NFT

The NFT, created by 3D artist Andreas Wannerstedt, will very first be issued in a primary kind. When prospects just take supply of their Integra motor vehicles, the NFT will be upgraded into a exclusive Integra art piece. Acura states the NFT will function the “surreal textures and hues Wannerstedt is known for.” NFT ownership just isn’t a prerequisite to going to the automaker’s digital showroom, named Acura of Decentraland.

From March 22, consumers will be equipped to tour the digital dealership and look at the new Integra. Apart from electronic window browsing, guests can also peruse the brand’s Integra wearable selection, created in collaboration with the aforementioned artist. Other interactive pursuits will also be designed accessible, such as the Acura racing game, Beat That. Acura of Decentraland’s launch coincides with the 1st-at any time metaverse style 7 days.