2020 hasn’t been a great year in general, but for fans of all things automotive it has been somewhat of a disaster, with the 2020 Geneva Motor Show being canceled, and the New York Auto show being postponed for months. Not only have motor shows felt the brunt of the virus, but the film industry has also taken a severe knock: first the upcoming James Bond film ‘No Time to Die,’ was pushed back from April 2020 all the way to November 2020, and now both the Fast & Furious 9 and the new Bond flick are suffering yet another setback. Fast & Furious, the famous gearhead movie franchise, was set to release its ninth installment on May 22 earlier this year, but the date was moved to April 2, 2021. Now comes the news that that date will once again be shifted out, this time to May 28, 2021.