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Effects of Tesla’s promotional activities and Cars in Tesla Stock Price

In the past, Tesla’s promotional activities mainly included events where cars were displayed and displayed...
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In the past, Tesla’s promotional activities mainly included events where cars were displayed and displayed prominently. These events range from well-attended public events such as motor shows in Frankfurt, Los Angeles and Detroit to small private events aimed at motorists. Tesla needs to take another page from the Apple Playbook and focus on bold and innovative Apple-style advertising strategies, such as: Creating annual special events and conferences similar to Apple’s MacWorld Expo and Apple Expo.

Making a significant and lasting impact on environmental sustainability is difficult to achieve without long-term financial sustainability. Tesla (NASDAQ TSLA) generates positive free cash flow in the amount of over $ 1 billion for the first time in 2019. In collaboration with influential automotive magazines such as Car and Driver and Motor Trend, we support the production of our specialized magazines for the electric vehicle industry (similar to Apple’s MacWorld magazine): Tesla World and EV World. Partnerships with leading non-profit organizations for green and clean energy and commercial campaigns jointly promote the benefits of BEV and go green. These are two goals that Tesla must continue to strive for.

Effects of Tesla Accessories and Cars

According to Tesla, traditional chargers have a capacity of 45 to 95 km / h, but with a supercharger, a full charge only takes an hour.  Prices range from $ 70,000 to $ 118,000, in line with the prices of the main German competitors. In 2013, Tesla announced that it could replace the Tesla station battery in less than two minutes, doubling the range of the Model S. All superchargers have 2 to 12 parking spaces, the 85 kW Tesla Model S battery fully charges in 75 minutes and takes only 20 minutes to charge a 50% charge.

Tesla aims to further increase the percentage of renewable energy use in our factories to minimize our carbon footprint per mile travelled through our products and their components in our supply chain. Everything factories Tesla have built from scratches such as Gigafactory Nevada and Gigafactory Shanghai and our next Gigafactories in Berlin and North America, are designed from the ground up to use renewable energy.

In addition, the Supercharger uses solar power and other renewable energy sources, so charging is free and completely green. By normalizing the ASP, shifting the mix to Model 3 and increasing the lease mix, the volume increase and successful efforts were compensated. Hence, there is no question of cost reduction. These positive developments will help to raise the Tesla stock price in the upcoming years also. If you want to know more, you can check at https://www.webull.com/newslist/nasdaq-tsla.