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Dogs make you drive more carefully

Additional than half of motorists drive extra carefully when they have their pet in the...

Additional than half of motorists drive extra carefully when they have their pet in the vehicle, but a sizeable number are unfamiliar with the policies all-around transporting animals.

Some 54 for each cent of motorists say they are extra cautious driving with their pet on board. This figure rises to sixty nine for each cent for 18-24-yr-olds, but falls to forty two for each cent for motorists aged 55 or over.

The figures arrive from a study of two,000 motorists carried out by SEAT United kingdom, which also showed motorists from London are the most most likely to be extra cautious when driving with a pet in the vehicle. In addition, 35 for each cent of respondents stated they really feel calmer when they have their pet in the vehicle with them.

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The Highway Code involves motorists to suitably restrain any dogs in their vehicle, but a 3rd of these surveyed ended up not sure if there ended up any policies, although 9 out of ten didn’t know of the highest penalty of a £5,000 great and 9 penalty points on their licence.

Moreover, 1-fifth of respondents admitted when questioned that they do not restrain their pet in the vehicle, indicating they’re flouting the law.

Nigel Griggs, head of aftersales at SEAT United kingdom, commented: “Everyone is familiar with the British community is passionate about its dogs. On the other hand, this examine confirms that getting their ideal pal in the vehicle can lead to safer driving although also getting a good mental overall health gain by reducing strain levels. It seems to be a earn-earn.

“Motorists continue to require to make sure they’re maintaining their dogs secure although travelling, too, and acquiring relaxed and safe in-vehicle pet add-ons to thoroughly restrain animals is as vital as applying your individual seat belt.”

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