June 3, 2023

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BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Reviews | Overview

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ON THE whole, sedans in Australia seem to be on the nose – notably in the medium and massive segments, exactly where consumers are flocking toward SUVs in droves.


Even so there is a single corner of the industry exactly where sedans are nonetheless thriving, and that is the little automobile section exactly where consumers can uncover the little proportions of a hatchback with the added practicality of a larger, sedan-design boot.


BMW is the newest model to be part of the fray with its two Sequence Gran Coupe, effectively a four-doorway version of the new-generation 1 Sequence that launched late last yr.


With level of competition coming from the likes of the Mercedes-Benz A-Course Sedan and Audi A3 sedan, does the two Sequence Gran Coupe have what it takes to carve out its very own area of interest in the active little automobile section?