Millions of towed away drivers could claw back fines as laws were left off  statute book for 30 years | Daily Mail Online
Car Pound Recovery London can collect your vehicle for you. To reclaim a vehicle, you must present payment and original versions of your driving licence, insurance, and proof of entitlement. Anyone collecting the vehicle on your behalf must present payment as well as a letter of authority authorising them to collect on your behalf, a driving licence, proof of entitlement, and valid insurance that permits him or her to drive the vehicle. A car Recovery insurance policy allows us to recover and transport third-party vehicles on behalf of their owners from a Perivale police pound Car Recovery.

If your vehicle:

·         has been issued with a PG9 (Prohibition Notice) because it is not roadworthy (if it cannot be driven, it must be removed on a recovery vehicle)

·         has been taken off the road for not having a valid MOT or insurance

·         has been impounded due to a crime involving it or taken by Police after an accident or collision

·         has been taken for not having a driving license. Or, for any reason, we can collect your collect your vehicle for you.

Do you require immediate breakdown assistance for your vehicle in the UK?

If yes, contact us now. We are committed to offering safe, consistent, flexible and reliable breakdown and recovery services for any Car, Van, Motorcycle, Caravan, etc., at the most affordable rates in Greater London.

We are known to offer the following:

  • Vehicle collection services
  •         Charlton police pound car recovery
  •         Accident recovery services
  •         Vehicle battery jump-start services
  •          Keyless vehicle recovery services
  •         Fuel delivery services in Greater London.

Can you use a month-by-month policy to get a car/motorcycle out of the police pound?

The answer is yes; they should accept it. A month-by-month policy is the same as a normal annual policy, except that it is renewable each month rather than being contracted to last for a full year. This is completely different from short-term motor insurance policies, which only last between one day and 30 days, which cannot be extended for longer periods and are not acceptable for this purpose.

Every year a great many people take along friends who have car insurance which entitles them to drive any vehicle which does not belong to them, but almost invariably, there is a condition on these policies which states that they cannot be used for getting vehicles out of police pounds on behalf of other people; it is necessary for you to get the vehicle out yourself, using your own insurance. Car Recovery London Service can assist you if you cannot do this.

We can safely recover any vehicle, including Cars, vans, Motorcycle, Caravan and trucks.