September 30, 2022

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Another Ford Bronco Soft-Top Fails In A Snowstorm

Fellow forum associates recommended the unlucky Bronco owner reposition the off-roader to deal with the wind, the idea being the front latches are the most secure. Whilst other members dismissed the claims, stating it is a convertible and is to be predicted, the operator believes this is unacceptable. For Ford’s sake, we sincerely hope these two incidents are isolated occurrences that took location in severe situations, as further delays and good quality troubles will only hamper manufacturing.

Hardtop homeowners can, at the very least, find solace in the reality that aftermarket providers are functioning on an substitute to the problematic factory-supplied product. State-of-the-art Fiberglass Concepts not long ago took to Instagram to give its followers a sneak peek at its hottest enhancement. With two solutions provided, consumers will be equipped to find a higher-high quality substitute that ideally is not going to leak. If much more owners come ahead with problematic gentle-tops, Bronco entrepreneurs may have to seem to the aftermarket sector for a resolution.