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All mobile phone use behind the wheel to be banned

All mobile telephone use guiding the wheel is established to be banned, with the Governing...

All mobile telephone use guiding the wheel is established to be banned, with the Governing administration launching a consultation to update the legislation in line with the way technologies has state-of-the-art.

The consultation, announced by roads minister Baroness Vere, will glance at closing a lawful loophole whereby motorists can only be prosecuted for using a mobile telephone guiding the wheel if they are performing an “interactive communication”, this kind of as a telephone connect with, texting or using the world-wide-web.

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The recent loophole indicates motorists who use their phones for needs this kind of as using photos or filming when driving are not technically in breach of the legislation – an argument that has been effectively designed in court docket.

The Office for Transportation (DfT) performed a evaluate of the legislation and the resulting consultation will look for to create that motorists caught using photos, taking part in online games or scrolling via a playlist guiding the wheel will be plainly breaking the legislation.

The Governing administration has mentioned, having said that, that it recognises mobile phones are usually utilised to make contactless payments. As this kind of, the legislation will include things like an exemption enabling motorists to fork out for goods and services from the driver’s seat – this kind of as a takeaway food at a push-via cafe or a highway toll – as extensive as the auto is stationary.

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The DfT also defined that its ministers have rejected phone calls to ban the use of palms-free functions – motorists will nonetheless be able to use voice instructions and infotainment techniques on their phones when driving.

Edmund King, president of the AA, commented: “There is no justification for picking up a mobile telephone when driving so we are happy this loophole will be closed.

“Phones do so a lot additional than phone calls and texts, so it is only correct that the legislation is improved to continue to keep rate with technologies. Tweets, TikTok and Instagram snaps can all wait until eventually you park up.

“These new regulations will clarify the legislation and aid motorists realise that this risky act can have the exact repercussions and be as socially unacceptable as drink driving. If you simply cannot resist the temptation to decide up your telephone, then you must transform your glovebox into a telephone box.”

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