When shipping a car, there are several things which are important and determining for the success of the shipment. One of the most important things is finding the service provide who will actually guarantee that the shipment is done properly and without a hitch.

Today we’ll be sharing the five signs that you’ve found the perfect car shipping company and have basically hit the nail on the head when it comes to price, safety and on-time delivery.

1. The company provides a rough estimate

When looking for a company to book for car shipping, the first thing you are looking for is the price of the actual move. This is by far the most important deciding factor, or at least it is for 95% of the people using companies like USTrans.com.

However, it’s important for a company to provide you with a rough estimate, rather than a fixed price, because fixed prices are not possible to actually accomplish.

2. The company does not lie about the changing price

If a company tells you that the price is fixed from the start then they are pulling your leg. It’s not possible, for any company, to provide you with a fixed price because the price of car shipping varies from day to day, job to job, distance to distance.

There are so many complex determining factors which dictate the price that it’s extremely unlikely that a company can provide a fixed rate. If the company you’ve chosen discloses this, then you are on the right track.

3. The company connects you to the driver of the trailer

Having a direct connection with the driver of the trailer that is to pickup and deliver your vehicle is quite important for organization purposes.

A company which does not provide this type of information is not working towards your best interest – chances are they are afraid that you will make a deal with the driver for a lot less than they are charging you for.

4. They provide more than one service

If a company provides more than one type of car shipping services, this means that they have the resources and are probably experienced in carrying out these services.

However, this does not prove the quality of their job – it’s only when they provide exotic car shipping that they are actually legit – like USTrans.com.

This also shows that the company has experience in other areas and while it does not prove their success in them, it does show that they are branching out which one bad business would be able to do.