May 31, 2023

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3G Shutdown Will Leave EV Owners With Nowhere To Charge

We already know that the looming 3G extinction will have an impact on older design vehicles with web connectivity these types of as the Toyota 4Runner, Audi Q3, and Porsche 911, but more recent automobiles are also at chance. For EV motorists, this technological difficulty can have an effect on their charging encounter in many ways.

Affected charging stations can are unsuccessful to accept credit rating cards, provide charging info and stats, website link person accounts, and could even disappear off of charging community maps, mainly turning into ghosts.

Affected organizations like ChargePoint are combating the death of 3G with modem upgrade kits that will change its charging stations from 3G to 4G, but have declined to say how significantly it would value. According to The Travel, Blink has also stated that it’s operating on upgrading its models and will be concentrating on significant-traffic stations to start with.