September 29, 2022

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3 Things To Know If You Have A Firearm In Your Vehicle

Helpful Tips for Carrying Your Firearm in Your Vehicle

While being in the car always opens you up for the possibility of getting pulled over, if you have a firearm in your vehicle—be it as a concealed carry firearm, you’re simply transporting the firearm, or you’re on your way to use the firearm in a safe location—it’s even more important that you be careful and know how you’ll handle any run-ins with the police. So to help you with this, here are three things to know if you have a firearm in your vehicle. 

Always Keep Your Concealed Carry License On You

If you have your firearm on you because you have a concealed carry permit, it’s vital that you keep this license or permit on you at all times, especially when you’re driving. Without this, you could have some big problems on the off chance that you get pulled over and need to disclose that you have a firearm in your vehicle. 

With your concealed carry permit and your license or identification card, it will be easy for any police officer to see that you are legally allowed to have the firearm that you have in your vehicle and that you’re committed to using it safely while fully cooperating with the police while you’re pulled over. 

Keep The Firearm Unloaded

If you don’t have a concealed carry permit but you are transporting the firearm somewhere, it’s best to keep the firearm unloaded when it’s in the car. 

Not only is this legally required in some states, but this is also the safest way to be around a firearm when you’re not intended to use it. So even if something were to happen and you were to get in a car accident or the firearm were to misfire for one reason or another, there will be nothing in the chamber or clip to shoot out of the firearm. 

Store It In Your Trunk

When you are traveling with a firearm in your vehicle, the safest place for you to keep it is in the trunk of your car

In the event that you were to get out of your car for some reason and not take the firearm with you, having it in your trunk will help ensure that no one else sees it and tries to break in and steal it from you. Keeping the firearm in your trunk will also make sure no one in the vehicle plays with it when they shouldn’t and that no harm or damage will come to anyone in the car or to the firearm itself. 

If you’re planning to taking a firearm into a vehicle with you, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you go about this in the safest and smartest way possible.