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2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA 200 petrol review, test drive

Past thirty day period we exclusively drove and analyzed the new Mercedes GLA 220d. That...

Past thirty day period we exclusively drove and analyzed the new Mercedes GLA 220d. That vehicle was powered by a 190hp diesel and came with 4Matic all-wheel drive. When the GLA isn’t on sale however, also component of its variety will be the 200 petrol this vehicle.

The 1.three direct-injection turbo-petrol motor beneath the hood isn’t as impressive as the diesel, putting out 163hp instead of the 190hp of the latter. But what operates in its favour is that it is lighter by all-around 180kg. This is simply because there is no weighty four-wheel-drive technique (no long propellor shaft, no weighty differential and no weighty 50 %-shafts), and the petrol motor is also lighter than the diesel.

Slice And Thrust

What also will help is that this petrol motor would make 250Nm from just 1,620rpm. Built in association with turbo professionals Renault and Nissan, the motor idles smoothly and responds nicely to a faucet on the throttle. There is a bit of turbo lag at first, in some component thanks to the gearing, but cross 1,500rpm and it pulls you forward with a thick band of vitality that frankly would make it truly feel like a much larger motor. Energy shipping and delivery isn’t explosive and the ramp up in power isn’t unexpected, but continue to keep your foot in and significantly extra power arrives rushing in. In point, continue to keep the motor in its mid variety and there is adequate grunt in this article to effortlessly make speed and cruise easily with what feels like a lot of reserve underfoot.

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This would make the GLA 200 quite pleasant to drive in visitors. There is some tiny volume of hesitation from the seven-speed twin-clutch computerized, and at times you get a transient pause, but for the most component the gearbox operates well, and that only sweetens the driving expertise.

Even straightline functionality is extra than appropriate. Mercedes claims the GLA 200 can take eight.7sec to get to 100kph from relaxation, all-around a 2nd and a 50 % slower than the diesel. And that is honest. The factor is, the motor does not like staying spun quick and the GLA 200 does not truly feel at residence on a wide open highway. Go previous five,000rpm and it feels strained, it would make its peak power at, a relatively reduced (for a petrol) five,500rpm, and then even when you rev it and keep your suitable foot down, progress in this component of the power band isn’t extremely energetic. So, it is very best to elevate your foot off the throttle all-around five,500rpm and get the gearbox to shift up to the future equipment. To add a dash of effectiveness, Merc has even involved a delicate-hybrid technique that winds again usually missing power to the battery.

Softer Around The Edges

The GLA 200 petrol may well not quite have the punch of the diesel but it rides greater. Contributing things involve a lighter motor up front, increased-profile tyres and significantly less unsprung mass at the rear. There is a suppleness in this article that is lacking on the diesel, specially in excess of improperly paved streets, and run in excess of some sharper bumps and the GLA 200 does not crash by way of like the 220d does. Also, the worse the road gets, the extra attained the GLA 200 feels. The suspension even operates silently for the most component.

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It also is quite entertaining to drive. The steering is great and direct and it has a honest volume of grip for a front-wheel-drive vehicle. But just like the diesel, it rolls in corners, so though it is happy at speed and prepared to enter corners quick, you have to contend with the overall body roll. All round, it will be happier if you dial it down a bit.

Mild Is Shiny

Where by the petrol 200 also impresses is on the inside. While the 220d we analyzed came in a dark and sporty AMG trim, this petrol gets beige or fawn-colored reduce 50 %, and this, together with the beige seats, does brighten up the cabin substantially. Introducing one more layer of sophistication is the matte wood trim earlier mentioned the glovebox and on the doorpads. As on the 220d, the difficult make of the cabin stands out, while the consideration to detail is as great as on Merc cars and trucks twice its price tag. Although there are some common plastics current reduce down in the cabin, the excellent of stuff like the rotate-to-close vents, screens, buttons and dash are superb. You get Merc’s new MBUX with the ‘Hey Mercedes’ voice prompt, wireless charging on the centre console, powered front seats with memory, sixty four colour ambient lighting and a substantial sunroof earlier mentioned. Some characteristics that you really do not get involve wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you get only a reversing digital camera and no parking sensors, and you however require to put your hand in your pocket, fish out the vital and unlock the doorway prior to you can get in not great for a vehicle of this price tag.

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Up front and at the rear there is adequate house for even tall travellers, and while the seats are a bit hard and the backrest at the rear is a bit upright, consolation concentrations are extremely great. What will help is that you can pull the rear bench forward or slide it again in scenario you are not carrying baggage. Boot house, having said that, isn’t good, at a maximum of 435 litres, and that is with the seat pulled all the way forward and with a house saver spare in the boot.

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Must You Acquire 1?

The new GLA is evidently a huge step up on the previously vehicle. Much more roomy and snug on the inside, beautifully designed and well geared up, it has what it can take to be the very best compact luxury SUV in its course. Dilemma is, should really you go for this petrol, which is most likely to cost among Rs 43 and 45 lakh, or the a little extra highly-priced diesel? The petrol does accomplish well in the town, the experience is a bit extra snug and the lighter interiors also give the cabin a elevate. So, the GLA 200 has a lot likely for it. However, if we had to opt for among the petrol and the diesel, it would be the latter we would go for. It is the greater rounded deal, a single that offers more powerful functionality and provides it in an easy manner.