What is it?

Who can fail to remember the fluidic Verna? Launched in 2011 to a great deal acclaim, its flowing lines, well balanced sort and crisp detailing designed it a little something of a star. It wasn’t just the greatest-handling vehicle in its course, much from it, in truth, and the ride was positively bouncy. Nevertheless, it arrived with a sturdy established of engines and was very well outfitted, so prospective buyers lapped it up. Then in 2017, the new Verna, with its elevated excellent amounts and improved driving manners, took items an additional step ahead. And it failed to harm that Hyundai loaded it up like it was a quasi-luxurious vehicle.

The new 2020 Hyundai Verna has been significantly upgraded as very well. Beneath the hood sits a 120hp version of Hyundai’s 1.-litre turbo GDI engine, and an additional bit of high-tech kit right here is the twin-clutch automatic gearbox. In other places in the variety you get a 115hp naturally aspirated petrol and there’s a 115hp diesel as very well, and both of those can be purchased with both handbook or automatic gearboxes. So, there’s a Verna for nearly anyone.

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120hp engine shared with the Hyundai Venue.

The 2020 Verna we are driving also looks comprehensively refreshed. Up front, Hyundai’s grille is now frameless and more substantial, the hole among the LED headlights and grille now deleted. The nose is sportier and will get plenty of cuts and creases, the fogs have been pushed back again into the chin and there’s even a mini spoiler integrated into the nose. Will have to say it is effective very well. The coupé-like, arching roofline and that trace of a spoiler on the boot are carried above from the earlier vehicle, and the new alloys are a very good look. The vehicle, however, has been lifted a bit, so the stance is just not as awesome as earlier. All over the back again, the new squared-off exhaust ideas completed in chrome insert a bit of bling much too. Not sure if the ‘scaly’ finish on the decreased section of the bumper is effective very well even though it is sure to divide impression.

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The vehicle has been lifted a little when compared to the outgoing product.

What is actually it like to push?

The Verna’s 1. a few-cylinder petrol is so easy and very well well balanced that you are going to be tough-pressed to convey to it is not a regular in-line four. The twin-clutch automatic gearbox, coupled with the easy engine makes driving in traffic mild and straightforward. Trundle around at very low engine speeds, however, and the motor does truly feel a bit flat-footed as there is a bit of turbo lag. But all you have to do to get around this is push down on the accelerator a bit more durable, get the gearbox to execute a quick downshift, and then ride the wave of torque as the engine will get appropriate into the powerband.

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The seven-speed dual-clutch unit makes driving in traffic straightforward.

What provides the Verna a robust midrange, in truth, is the 172Nm of torque, and acceleration feels rather sturdy, primarily if you preserve your foot in. People who delight in driving in a far more spirited method will also value the extensive powerband the engine pulls tough all the way from around 2,000 to six,000rpm.

Even though the twin-clutch gearbox is just not as quick as the ones from VW or Skoda, and the TSI pulls more durable in the prime conclude, all the way to six,500rpm, the Verna is just not much too much off the mark.

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The Verna Turbo has a sturdy mid-variety punch.

Even though we were being eager to know just how quick the vehicle is, primarily in relation to the competitiveness, a rev lock when stationary prevented us from obtaining a quick preliminary start in our -100kph check, which, as a result, took a alternatively calm 13.09sec. Expect it to be around a next or so more quickly in the real entire world, and possibly on par with other turbo-petrol mid-sizers outfitted with auto transmissions that are around the corner. It is just not an apples to apples comparison, but, just for reference, the Quick 1. TSI, with its six-speed handbook does the  -one hundred dash in ten.09sec. The Verna Turbo is also fairly quick in kickdown. twenty-80kph usually takes seven.29sec, and 40-100kph usually takes nine.05sec, which interprets to ample overtaking electric power.

2020 Verna Turbo general performance figures (as tested)
-10kph 1.03s
-20kph 2.00s
-30kph 2.85s
-40kph three.96s
-50kph 5.14s
-60kph six.32s
-70kph seven.85s
-80kph nine.36s
-90kph 11.09s
-100kph 13.09s
-110kph 15.67s
-120kph eighteen.64s
-130kph 21.90s
-140kph twenty five.85s
twenty-80kph seven.29s
40-100kph nine.05s
80-0kph 26.94m, 2.32s

Sure, it will get a bit vocal when you rev it tough, and there’s is a trace of that a few-cylinder thrum at bigger speeds, but come across an open up street and Verna Turbo can surely put a smile on your experience.

What also makes it enjoyable to push is that the steering has improved, and feels both of those better weighted and immediate. The new Verna now feels fairly agile on a winding street, it retains items awesome and tidy, and it can even delight in a established of corners. One more improve is to the brakes Hyundai has supplied the Verna discs all round and it provides you plenty of self-assurance. Check out to go more quickly, however, and items fall apart fairly swiftly. It isn’t going to truly feel as composed as it did earlier, and up the speed further and it quickly operates out of grip.

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The Verna is enjoyable to push now much too, albeit in boundaries.

The ride, however, has improved fairly a bit. The suspension has been lifted a little and capabilities silently, even above bad patches. Sure, there is a little amount of up and down motion, and there’s some street noise above specified surfaces as very well. Nevertheless what is impressive is that it properly manages to choose the edge off most bumps and even feels at residence tackling more substantial potholes now.

What is actually it like within?

Even though the 2020 Verna looks new and new on the exterior, it is far more acquainted on the within. Vital alterations include a more substantial, cost-free-standing 8.-inch touchscreen (now much too extensive to be integrated into the sprint), there are huge metallic brackets on the vents, and driving the steering wheel, a BMW-style digital instrument panel. Even though the screen-centered dials give the cabin a modern truly feel, they are largely ornamental – there are no needles on the dials and this makes it very challenging to study them on the transfer. The good thing is, Hyundai has delivered two huge electronic readouts for speed and engine rpm, and that is where by your eyes eventually gravitate to.

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The Turbo version will get an all-black cabin with crimson highlights although the normal types get a two-tone concept.

The Verna Turbo we are driving has a sporty all-black cabin with crimson accents. You can find crimson on the vents, crimson stitching on the steering wheel and some on the seats, and this does lend a sporty truly feel. The overabundance of black, however, has its downsides. For just one, it makes the cabin look smaller sized than it is, and then the mass of black on the sprint makes the plastic panels look shiny and tough. This is not the case with the two-tone sprint.

Apart from these alterations, the cabin stays unaltered at the front. The largish, cooled front seats are both of those supportive and comfy, you now get paddleshifters on this version of the Verna, and embedded in the touchscreen is Hyundai’s related BlueLink app. It will allow you to connect with the vehicle by using an app on your cellphone, giving you access to capabilities like remote get started, doorway lock/unlock, remote air-conditioning, real-time fuel standing, real-time area, dwell tyre stress information and facts, SOS, crisis street-facet support and even cricket scores. Even though we managed to connect with the vehicle conveniently, a delay in the method, possibly down to very low data transfer speeds, meant features was fairly laggy and sluggish. You also get a voice command method, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and onboard navigation as very well.

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Hyundai’s Blue Link adds plenty of related vehicle attributes.

The backseat is still the Verna’s weak link. You can find fewer legroom right here than on some sub-four-metre sedans, and if you are above 6ft tall, headroom could be an issue much too. However, if the relative deficiency of legroom isn’t going to hassle you, or you are chauffeur-driven with the front passenger seat unoccupied, the rear seat is actually fairly comfy. The backrest is properly reclined and it offers very good facet help, respectable thigh help, and you also get things like a handbook rear blind, a big air-con vent and a USB charging place.

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The back again seat is a bit of a weak link for the Verna.

Other kit on this prime-of-the-line Verna SX(O) include a sunroof, wireless charging, six airbags, Digital Security Handle, traction management, cruise management, front and rear parking sensors and hands-cost-free boot release. The latter, as on the Elantra, desires the appropriate approach to get it to open up. You have to stand shut to the boot with the key in your pocket, and be client. At some point, it will pop open up.

Should really you buy just one?

If you’re a eager driver, the 2020 Verna Turbo has plenty to provide. The 120hp petrol has loads of general performance, the twin-clutch automatic is practical and engaging and with its improved driving manners and better brakes, the new Verna now is fairly pleasurable to push much too. It is also comfy to sit in, is very well created on the within, and, because it is a Hyundai, comes loaded with adequate kit to pamper you. Confident, it could have been sharper to push around corners, legroom in the rear is only adequate, and at Rs 13.ninety nine lakh, you do pay out a bit of a premium. Nevertheless for these seeking for a exciting and practical day-to-day driver, the Verna Turbo ticks a large amount of containers.

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