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2020 Corvette gets twin-turbo setup from Hennessey

Hennessey has created the very first twin-turbo 2020 Chevy Corvette that we know of, and...

Hennessey has created the very first twin-turbo 2020 Chevy Corvette that we know of, and it is launched a limited video clip to enable us hear to the fruits of its labor. To nobody’s shock, the turbocharged C8 sounds amazing. In addition to the traditional meaty rumble from Chevy’s little-block V8, we’re addressed to a cacophony of turbo whooshes and whistles.

Back in December, Hennessey disclosed its plans to provide a 1,two hundred-horsepower model of the standard Corvette. It is referred to as the HPE1200, and it is heading to be ludicrously brief. Hennessey suggests the twin-turbo C8s will have upgraded internals, an upgraded twin-clutch transmission and a Brembo brake program installed. All we know about this certain automobile in the video clip is that it has two significant snails hooked up, and it does in point operate. For how prolonged, that is anybody’s guess.

The seem it is making could not be completely accurate, as well. There doesn’t show up to be considerably of an exhaust program equipped. As a substitute, we can see a limited pipe submit-turbo pointing towards the left rear wheel that is acting as a makeshift exhaust for the time being. Hennessey beforehand stated it would offer a stainless steel exhaust with the new twin-turbo program, so expect a thing related to this sounds for a finished automobile. As prolonged as we get to retain most of this turbo Vette’s extremely loud noises, we’ll be content. 

Hennessey nevertheless has not indicated any performance numbers or in-depth specs on the HPE1200. A inventory 2020 Chevy Corvette with the Z51 package will strike 60 mph in two.nine seconds and do the quarter mile in 11.two seconds. Assuming Hennessey is capable to translate some of this electric power into true forward momentum, we can expect some faster situations.

Linked video clip: