September 27, 2022

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15 U.S. states in which the top-seller isn’t a pickup | Car News

In the trade, January is a month for staying bombarded with sales figures seeking back again on the yr just finished. When we evaluate the figures, a whole lot of diverse type of things reveals itself, some of it even jumps out at us. There are generally intriguing discoveries guiding the facts.

There are apparent items, for occasion that the Ford F-150 is the very best-advertising car or truck all round, once yet again – in advance of the other pickup vehicles from the Significant 3, the Ram 1500 and Chevrolet Silverado, in that purchase. Nevertheless, when you merge the sales figures of the Silverado (Chevrolet) and Sierra (GMC) products, you master that GM essentially sells far more pickups all round than Ford.

No matter how you crack it down, the reality is that pickups rule. Nevertheless, product sales are not uniform across all states and locations. For example, in the U.S., there are 35 states the place the very best-advertising car or truck was a pickup truck. No shock there. The Ford F-150 dominated in twenty of these. Also no shock. The Ram 1500 (6 states), Chevrolet Silverado (four), Toyota Tacoma (3), Nissan Frontier (one) and GMC Sierra (one) rounded out the list., a hundred% on the net, store for your next car or truck, purchase on the net and get it sent to you any place in Quebec!

Nissan Frontier, the top-selling vehicle... in Hawaii!

Nissan Frontier, the best-advertising car or truck… in Hawaii!

We would not title all 15 states in which the Ford F-150 led, but the outliers are what is intriguing here: the GMC Sierra outsold all other folks in Arkansas, whilst the Nissan Frontier proved to be the most popular car or truck in… Hawaii.

As for the 15 states in which a car or truck which is NOT a pickup bought the most, here much too you can discover some intriguing oddities and traits.

Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V was a favourite in the Northeast, foremost the sales hit parade in six states, together with Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, and New York. The Toyota RAV4, meanwhile, was the sales winner in a few states: South Carolina, Massachusetts and Florida as very well as Florida.

Toyota noticed another of its vehicles best sales in far more than just one condition: the Camry sedan, in North Carolina and Alabama. Of course, a sedan!

Toyota Camry

Soon after that, we notice that four products managed to outsell all other folks in particularly just one condition. The just one-hit wonders had been the Toyota Highlander in Rhode Island, Honda Civic in California, Hyundai Tucson in Illinois and Subaru Crosstrek in, as you may well have guessed, Vermont.

So why does the Tucson, for example, direct the way in Illinois, but only in Illinois? Why would the Highlander be the desired option in Rhode Island, but not in neighbouring Connecticut? Excellent issues.

A single other issue that stands out is that there are two vehicles on the list: the Toyota Camry and the Honda Civic.

We’ll be back again at the commencing of the week with another dig by way of the sales facts for North The united states.

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